Well Sharon, I'm ecstatic!

Your plan is absolutely amazing and I haven't felt this good about myself in about 8 years!

I think the last we spoke I was a bit sceptical, but you have proved me wrong as l got pregnant just after 31 days - now I'm happily expecting to have my baby next month. I am so thankful for your generosity in sharing this plan with the world Sharon. It has given me such a confidence boost and little by little I'm moving back into the world again!

Lorraine, UK


Hey Sharon, as you can see I sport the pear shaped body ha-ha, and my glowing face. At this point, being in March, I came across your fertility plan. When I started the plan, I had been diagonised with fibroids and was advised it would be almost impossible to have a baby unless I had surgery to remove the fibroids.

I came across this your system in desperation as I wanted a family but without having a surgery. So, I am over the moon to say in total I got pregnant in 34 days and am just thrilled!!!
I just wanted to say thanks; you really deserve a medal for this program.... If people are serious about getting pregnant, they need to contact you. I have told all my friends that it works & I know that some of them have already purchased the plan also!!!

Thank you thank you thank you

Natalie, Houston


Dear Sharon, Guess What???? We are expecting. Today, we are 7 weeks and 4 days. Thank you for such a wonderful system. What a true inspiration. Thank you for giving us hope!!!!!! Your system was truly amazing. I pray that your BFP system will be a blessing to others.


Rennie Fort Myers

Despite a previous miscarriage, I got pregnant within a month using the strategies in the BFP program. The perfectly sequenced natural fertility plan was incredibly powerful in boosting my overall health in specific ways to enhance my fertility, and I found myself looking forward to every step of the process. Sharon's professional wisdom, warmth and genuine concern about pregnancy success nourished me every step of the way... Again THANK YOU!!!!!

Amy S, Nottingham UK

I love you!! I want say thanks, you helped me finally get my life back together. Just wanted to let you I got a positive yesterday in 29 days. I will never forget you.

Jo, Ohio

Hi Sharon,
I did the plan last month and am now expecting which I an very happy about. I have tried many fertility treatments and none worked, but this one did it...so cheers...just thought I would say thanks

Hillary, Manchester

Dear Sharon! GOD BLESS THE DAY I FOUND YOU!!! I can't thank you enough for what you do for people!!!
You've changed our lives! What is the most amazing thing about you and your plan - is that it WORKS. I don't know how much I long I had been trying- it's a miracle!!!!
Thanks a lot!!!!!
I will NEVER forget you!!!!! I would pay $270, if I had to

Kim, Santa Antonio

How are you Sharon? My name is Naima from India. I was very sceptical about your fertility plan. I did not follow your plan 100% to the letter but, in spite of one cheat after four days I still got pregnant. You are truly a genius!!! I have been trying to find the answers for a long time. God Bless,

Naima, India

Hi Sharon, just wanted to say massive thanks! I started on a fortnight ago and today (Friday afternoon),
I am have just got a positive. I had my reservations but it's worked brilliantly and I can't thank you enough. I Will be doing it again shortly. Thanks again

Julie, New York

Hi Sharon I have just completed the 33 day programmes with amazing results…
I am pregnant…my husband can't believe it. Regards

Kerina, Leeds

thanks Sharon, after approximately 8 months of trying, I missed my period and did a home pregnancy test: Positive. Three weeks later I went to see my gynecologist and, after the ultrasound, he asked me if I had taken any fertility drugs. I looked at the screen and cried as I saw two heartbeats! TWINS!!Thank you again for this wonderful meal plan.

Amy S, USA

I am over the moon Sharon, after three and a half years of infertility treatments, stress, and emotional upheaval, I decided on the Big Fat Positive. I began right away and the program challenged me to explore everything in my life, from my diet to lifestyle. After all the doctors who were interested only. I was amazed! In just a month, I was pregnant.. Many thanks,

Miriam , Canada

Sharon, I do not consider myself an optimist nor a pessimist. Having said that, I would have bet my last nickel that it wouldn't worked. Being I had $40.05 I decided I had nothing to lose but $27.
All I can say is WOW! I am pregnant. Like many I've seen and heard all the advice but you had one simple thing that hit home, "The Reminder". I have also decided to REMEMBER where I was when I decided I need to change and how I felt.

Joanne, UK

I have to admit I didn't believe in your program but I still bought it in the hopes that maybe there was a bite of truth to it. Sharon I apologize for doubting you and thank you,
I am now expecting my first and I feel great. My friends all want to try it now! Thanks again

Michelle, San Diego

Absolutely, impressively, awesome!!!. I have tired many treatments and all I could say at the end of these 33 days was
WOW. Not only did I get pregnant, I feel so much better, even mentally. I finished the program on Saturday and tested positive today!

Olivia, Idaho

I've tried everything. But whenever I was trying, either the results were too slow, or I felt like I was depressed (and that's not healthy). Not only did you help me
get pregnant fast. I've been trying to get pregnant for the last 3 or 4 years, but I've done it in weeks now. And unlike other treatments, I feel healthy. Thanks Sharon.

Heather, Canada

Thank you, thank you, you've changed my life and appearance. Too bad I didn't know about this sooner.
I am happily expecting now and feel jolly good. I will tell everyone I know who wants to get pregant.

Kelly, UK

Sharon I've battled trying to conceive for more than 5 years. After I completed the 33 days my husband was in shock to see how much radiant I looked.
I'm happy to say I am now 6 months pregnant. My husband thanks you too... LOL!

Jamie, Alabama

Sharon, hats off to you! It worked like you said and I still can't believe it,
I got pregnant in 32 days, there no stopping me now! HA! HA! …Cheers!

Rebbeca, UK

I've tried other fertility treatment but none of them have ever worked for me. IVF, clomid, they never seem to work like they said they would. However, after being
fortunate enough to follow BFP, I have been able to conceive and I feel GREAT! Thanks Sharon!

Carey, Australia

Dear Sharon, I am just just heading off to my Doctor as I found out to be posetive yesterday just after I had finished the 33day plan. I am just over the moon! It was just what I needed to get my life back.

I am three weeks pregnant, this was just perfect.
I was stuck in a rut of what else to do, but now that I am able see results. What a wonderful gift you are sharing. Take care.

Kate, USA

Hi Sharon, It's the morning after the plan,
I am blooming and I feel great, better than I have in a long time. Thank you so much for this fertility plan!!

Amanda , Nevada

Sharon this is Janice again, just wanted you to know I enjoy BFP very much. And I LOVE the bonus I got. I am so grateful you created this program. It has made a huge impact on my life -- I find myself applying it to all aspects of my life, not just my fertility. All I can say is it works, absolutely. Thanks

Janice, USA

Sharon this is Mia again....I never thought I would get pregnant in 33 days,
but I did fall pregnant!!!! Thank You So Much.

Mia, UK

Dear Sharon. After a failed IVF attempt, I felt completely disconnected. I had no feeling of being a functional person, let alone a woman. After beginning Sharon's BFP program I began to feel whole, even balanced. It was an amazing experience. After using this program, I tried again and I was given the beautiful gift of a healthy pregnancy and the birth of a beautiful baby girl. I highly recommend the BFP Success program to anyone trying to conceive with fertility problems!

Ola, Atlanta

Sharon, Just to let you know that I am now 13 weeks pregnant and cannot thank you enough and will be sure to let others know about you. Thank you so much!

Alison & Martin, London

Sharon, I was sceptical about the Big Fat Posetive but it has been working.
I am happily pregnant now with my first child.

Bev, Toronto

Hi Sharon,I just want to tell you THANK YOU for providing a much needed service that is very informative and refreshing for me and all women struggling with fertility (I don't think they mind me speaking on their behalf)
. I will be honest with you I didn't think it would have worked... not to the extent it has as I have tried things like this before, I'm so glad I came across your advertisement...anyways I just wanted to let you know how I've done.

Kate, UK

Sharon, The program is great!
I found out I was pregnant last week and I had only started the plan about a month ago. Thanks so much you have changed my life!

Yasmin, CA

OMG I am so happy Sharon. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for four years without success, suffering two miscarriages along the way. As a forty something woman, I knew that the clock was not only ticking, but almost expired. I spoke to friends who had tried assisted reproductive techniques, but the medicines just sounded so toxic and intrusive to me, so I opted to try a more natural approach first. Bringing my body back in to balance with some lifestyle changes, dietary changes and some suppliments you recomended.
I am thrilled to be pregnant and I am so thankful for your help.

Christina, NY

Hey Sharon, I told you I would let you know my results.
Great news! I got pregnant in 27 days. It was actually pretty easy to do and to keep on it. Thanks again.

Sophie, UK